Imagine a life without packaging???

Imagine what would happen if packaging disappeared tomorrow. How does your daily life change? A world without packaging would rapidly digress into a frustrating, if not hilarious, presence where those irritating infomercial caricatures of people failing miserably at simple tasks would become a reality. The main aim of packaging is to Contain, Protect, Preserve and Promote. The major misunderstanding regarding packaging is that the environmental issues that rise from modern lifestyles is not packaging. Without packaging, the maximum size of city that can be managed is 1 million people, as all food would have to be farmed locally, transported before it went bad and there would be far greater food waste. Consumers would also be forced to shop virtually every day. In what differently ways would our world change without packaging? I have some guesses.

  • Google Cardboard is replaced by Google Glass. Oh wait.
  • Shipping rake in huge profits on weight make a killing on weight and dimensional charges, since making custom-sized crates for each order is significantly more costly and time consuming.
  • Without shoe boxes, kids are forced to use fishbowls for school dioramas.
  • Pizza boxes are replaced by pizza bags. Pizza sales plummet.

All of this is to say that despite its mainstream nature, packaging is a main deal. Design pattern is an important, but forgotten step in any product development. The distribution cycle (shipping/warehousing) of another product isn’t considered until point when near time for item dispatch. This can bring result in excess packaging and cost. Many times simple changes in product design can decrease packaging cost.

The greater part of this is to state that in spite of its standard nature, bundling is a major ordeal. Configuration is an imperative, yet overlooked advance in any product improvement. The appropriation cycle (shipping/warehousing) of another item isn’t considered until the point that near time for item dispatch. This can bring about overabundance bundling and cost .Many circumstances basic changes in product configuration can decrease bundling cost.